Artwork Submission and Guidelines

How do I prepare my files for print?

Download DTPFilePrep.pdf to keep as a detailed reference of file prep steps, CS Suite export settings, and an order process description.

Do I need physical copies of my art?

Digital files are always preferred. You will get the maximum quality out of your artwork by following the guidlines in DTPFilePrep.pdf.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept the following file formats of art files for production: 

  • • Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG)
  • • Indesign (preflighted & packaged for output)*
  • • Illustrator (AI, EPS, PDF)*
  • • Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG file.*

*Please Stuff/Zip any job that has multiple files for artwork.
Note: All the software programs we use are latest edition.

What resolution should my art be?

Images provided with insufficient Resolution will appear jagged and/or blurry. Make certain that your art is provided at the proper resolution. Vector graphics usually provide the best resolution, but for raster graphics, please refer to the charts below.

Display Quality
Banners, Stage Backdrops, Mesh Banner, UV Printing, Adhesive Vinyl, Wallpaper, Duratrans

Fine Art
Canvas, Photo, Watercolor

Billboard, Building Wrap Mesh

What color profile should my art be?

Correct: CMYK
Building your artwork in CMYK color space will allow you to visually see a more accurate representation of the true print. Photos need to be converted to CMYK through programs such as Adobe Photoshop prior to printing because the native file is always in teh RGB color space.

Incorrect: RGB
Printers interpret colors through the CMYK color space with built in conversions that generally do not convert RGB colors accurately. If files are submitted in RGB you might find your print to look washed out and not as vivid as they were on your computer screen.

Special Note: Rich Black
Whenever you have a solid black within your art, be sure to add 60% coverage to your CMY values to help saturate your black. This will produce a rich black print and add a higher quality look to your print.

Example:    C: 60%    M: 60%    Y: 60%    K: 100%

Products and Materials

What is vinyl?

Vinyl banners are an economical way to advertise just about anything, from rentals to birthdays. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and easy to store. 

What are fabric prints?

Fabric printing is the industry standard for high quality print and effective advertising. Fabric allows colors to saturate and blend into the fibers, creating vibrant, crisp images that can only be obtained using this process.

What is an exhibit?

Special events are held everyday all across the nation. Whether it be a youth soccer game or a giant convention, there are signs, banners and various marketing opportunities for printing.

What is adhesive vinyl?

Adhesive Vinyl can be produced as either a cast or calendared film. Cast films are the industry premium and are ideal for complex surfaces while calendared films are your standard, short term vinyl adhesives.

What are rigid prints?

Rigid signs and prints are perfect for wall decorations, logos and insignia, yard signs and permanent advertisements. 

What are photographic prints?

Photographic prints are perfect for displaying high quality images for museums, exhibits or decor. With various available substrates to print on, you can have phohto quality prints to fit any situation.


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