Cut to color
Through Cut, Simple
Trim Oversize
Heat seam 1"
Hem, Sewn - Double Stitch
Pole Pocket Heat Weld Only
Pole Pockets w/ stitch
Grommet Top Corners Only
Grommets all 4 corners
Grommets along Flag Header (describe in notes)
Grommets every 1'
Grommets every 2'
Gussets - Each Corner
Nylon Rope
Wind Slits
Velcro 1" black (complete set)
Velcro 1" black loop (female only)
Velcro 1" white (complete set)
Velcro 1" white loop (female only)
Grommets every 1' through Webbing
Grommets every 2' through Webbing
Webbing 1"
Webbing 2"
Webbing 2" over 40' graphic
Step 2: Upload Art
Add Print-Ready Art
Add Art
Scale: If your art is not same-size, tell us the scale ratio

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