Cut to color
Through Cut, Simple
Trim Oversize
Heat seam 1"
Hem, Sewn - Double Stitch
Pole Pocket Heat Weld Only
Pole Pockets w/ stitch
Grommet Top Corners Only
Grommets all 4 corners
Grommets along Flag Header (describe in notes)
Grommets every 1'
Grommets every 2'
Gussets - Each Corner
Nylon Rope
Wind Slits
Grommets every 1' through Webbing
Grommets every 2' through Webbing
Webbing 1"
Webbing 2"
Webbing 2" over 40' graphic
Step 2: Upload Art
Add Print-Ready Art
Add Art
Scale: If your art is not same-size, tell us the scale ratio