Vinyl Stage Backdrops

Side ASide B
Copy #1
Grommets every 1' through Webbing
Grommets every 2'
Grommets every 2' through Webbing
Grommets in corners
No Grommets
Grommet Top Corners Only
Grommets every 1'
Velcro 1
Velcro 1" black hook (male only)
Velcro 1" black loop (female only)
Velcro 1" white
Velcro 1" white hook (male only)
Velcro 1" white loop (female only)
No Selection
Velcro 1" black
Velcro 2
Velcro 2" White
No Selection
Velcro 2" Black
Vinyl Hem
Webbing 1" , fold and sew
Webbing 2", fold and sew
Heat seam 1"
Hem, Sewn - Double Stitch
Webbing 2", fold and sew
Webbing 1" , fold and sew
Through Cut
Through Cut, High Quantity
Through Cut, Simple (less than 10 cuts)
Trim Oversize
Vinyl Options
Nylon Rope
Wind Slits
Gussets - Each Corner