Bend Flat Sheet
Routing - Flat Sheet
Through Cut, High Quantity
Through Cut, Simple
Die cut
First Surface Print, 2nd Surface Mount
First Surface Print, First Surface Mount
Second Surface Print, Second Surface Mount
3 Layer Day/ Night backlit
Add Single Layer White
Second Surface
Three Layer White
Two Layer Ink, 2nd Surface
Velcro 1" black (complete set)
Velcro 1" black loop (female only)
Velcro 1" white (complete set)
Velcro 1" white loop (female only)
Velcro 2" Black (complete set)
Velcro 2" White (complete set)
Velcro 2" White (female only)
Canvas Carrying Bag
Cardboard Box
Crate - large 4'x4'x12'
Crate - medium 4'x4'x8'
Crate - small 4'x2'x8'
Crate - Add Carpet / per side
Crate - Add Shelf
Step 2: Upload Art
Add Print-Ready Art
Add Art
Scale: If your art is not same-size, tell us the scale ratio

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