*Backlit Decal

Side ASide B
Copy #1
Custom Ink
Add Single Layer White
Second Surface
Three Layer White
Two Layer Ink, 2nd Surface
3 Layer Day/ Night backlit
Kiss Cut
Kiss Cut - (minimal, basic cuts)
Kiss Cut - (oversize media)
Kiss Cut Complex - (small, curvy, or intricate)
Lamination - Gloss
Lamination - Gloss Calender
Lamination - Matte
Lamination - TI Light Texture, Matte
Lamination - UV Durability Gloss
No Lamination
Through Cut
Through Cut, High Quantity
Through Cut, Simple (less than 10 cuts)
Trim Oversize
Weed and Tape
Weed and Tape, Complex
Weed and Tape, Simple
Weed and Tape, Standard