Pole Banner

  • Banner Mesh, 9oz, 10FT
    Mesh is made from a woven material with tiny pinholes to allow for wind flow. Our durable 9 oz mesh has 80/20 ratio for 20% wind flow. It has a matte base for front printing and display. This material is best for single sided prints as there is a slight transparency.
  • Banner, 13oz Vinyl, Matte, 10FT
    Our 13 oz Vinyl is our most popular option. It provides a matte finish and is commonly used for both indoor or outdoor use.
  • Banner, Blockout Vinyl, 18oz, 10FT (Outdoor)
    18 oz Vinyl has a smooth, matte surface and is thick and sturdy. Most commonly used for double sided prints as no light shines through and is a true blockout material.
Printed Sides
  • 1 Sided
  • 2 Sided
Pole Pocket:
  • Pole Pocket Heat Weld Only
  • Pole Pockets, w/ stitch
Grommet Options:
  • Grommets All 4 Corners
    Grommets are placed only on the 4 corners of the banner or sign.
  • Grommets top & bottom corner adjacent to pole
  • No Grommets

Take over your town's Boulevard with Pole Banners! Light pole banners are a great way to distinguish, unify and add cohesivness to any street or walkway. Whether for a venue, university, festival or business advertisement, Pole Banners add a particular look and feel that can truly standout wherever they are displayed.

Not all pole banners are made for the light poles, however. If you're needing to add pole pockets to be able to slide onto stakes or to hang from the ceiling, we've got you covered for that too! 

Our pole banners can be printed single or double sided. Our standard pole pocket is a 3" flat pole pocket. If you require larger pockets, please get in touch with us directly.

Rain or shine, these banners have unbelievable durability as they are UV printed and finished with double reinforced edges.

See how Design To Print's Pole Banners can bring your street or walkway to life!

  • UV fade and weather resistant
  • up to 26 oz of edge strength
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • easy installation

With the ability to print 16' wide seamless prints, our banners can be produced to almost any size needed on a wide range of materials. If you're needing larger than 10' on the shortest side, please contact us directly to order.

Common sizes of Pole Banners are:

  • 24" x 48"
  • 24" x 60"
  • 24" x 72"
  • 36" x 60"
  • 36" x 72"


Our standard pole pocket is a 3" flat pole pocket. If you require larger pockets, please get in touch with us directly.

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