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Window Perf

  • Perforated Window film, Clear, Inside mount up to 53"
  • Perforated Window film, White, up to 60"
Through Cut:
  • Through Cut, High Quantity
  • Through Cut, High Quantity complex
  • Through Cut, Simple
Window Lam:
  • Lamination - Optically Clear
  • Lamination - UV
Kiss Cut:
  • Kiss Cut only - (oversize media)
  • Kiss Cut only - (complex, small, curvy, or intricate)
  • Kiss Cut + Weed & Tape - Complex - (small, curvy, or in
  • Kiss Cut + Weed & Tape - Standard
  • Kiss Cut only - (minimal, basic cuts)
Custom Ink:
  • Two Layer Ink, 2nd Surface
  • 3 Layer Day / Night Backlit
  • Spot White Ink
  • Second Surface
  • Three Layer White
SAV Install:

Perforated Window Film, also known as one-way vision film, is an excellent choice for full graphic window wraps. Wrap the back window of your vehicle to advertise on the go, or liven up your entry way with this creative solution. 

Window perf comes in two options, one used for an internal mount facing outside, or commonly used is the outside mount, facing outside adhesive option. The print is high resolution photographic quality with inks that are UV fade and weather resistant.

We can produce graphics in a variety of size, the roll width is limited to a 59” wide print, before paneling. If you need larger than 59" inches on the shortest, please contact us directly to order.

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