Pool Graphics

  • Underwater Banner

Take your summer campaign to the next level with underwater pool graphics! Brand your pool, pond or fountain with ease with this unique vinyl substrate. How does it work? It's simple. Because the material is denser than water, it can easily be positioned simply by letting it sink to the bottom, requiring no tapes or adhesives! There's no need to drain the water as it can easily be adjusted by hand or with a pool brush.

This material is designed for all types of flat surfaces. However, we do not recommend on any rough or textured finished surfaces as it will allow for water and air to disrupt the properties that hold the graphic in place. 

  • blue back-lined made from recycled pool liners
  • made in the USA
  • recyclable
  • long-lasting and re-usable

Our pool graphics are available up to 5' feet on the shortest side.

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