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Fabric and Frame (Back-lit)

  • Synthetic Backlit 10'
  • Beading, PVC, 14MM
  • Magic Fabric Beading, Silicone, 12MM
  • Beading, Silicone, 14MM
  • Bead for Taylor Group
  • GES frame tubing
  • Bead for Agam
  • Beading, PVC, 12MM
Fabric Cut:
  • Through Cut, fabric
  • Trim Oversize
  • Lighting - 12V Ladder w/ omni lens, 5-LED bar 10 chai
  • Lighting - 24V Perimeter w/ canon LED, 3-light bar
  • Lighting - 12V Ladder w/ omni lens, 3-LED bar 10 chai
  • Lighting - Perimeter 3-LED, (6000K) 5' throw
  • Lighting - Perimeter 5-LED, (6000K) 5' throw
  • Lighting - 12V Ladder w/ omni lens, 3-LED bar (sq ft.)
  • Lighting - Ladder Lights w/ omni lens (sq.ft.)
  • Bundle (10 pieces) - Perimeter 3-LED, (6000K) 5' throw
  • Bundle (30 pieces) Perimeter 5-LED, (6000K) 5' throw
  • Lighting - LED Cube bulb, receptor & cord
  • Lighting -Perimeter/ Edge lighting w/ canon LED
  • Power Supply - For Perimeter Lighting
  • Power Supply - For Perimeter, Dimmable
  • Bundle (10 pieces) Power Supply - 24V - 100W
  • Power Supply - For Ladder Lighting (per sq ft)
Pull Tabs:
  • Pull Tab
  • SEG-P-114, 3.5 2S BL, BACK LIT
  • SEG-P-115, 4.0 1S BL, BACK LIT
  • SEGW-P-116, 4.5 2S BL, BACKLIT
  • SEGW-P-117, 6.5" 2S, BL
  • SEGW-P-119, 8.0 2S BL, BACK LIT
  • SEGW-P-118, 3.9" 1S BL, BACK LIT
  • SEG-P-112, 3.0 1S BL, BACK LIT
  • SEG-P-113, 3.0 2S BL, BACK LIT
Test Fit:
  • Test Fit to Client Provided Frame
  • Test Fit to Custom Build Frame
  • Test Fit to In-house frame
  • Test Fit to Moss Frame
  • Test Fit to Versa Frame
  • Test Fit to Aluvision frame
  • Test Fit to Be-Matrix Frame
Frame Backer:
  • Frame Fabric Backer (blocks light leak)
118 Corners:
118 Hardware:
Compatible Profiles: W-F063, W0F100, W-F150, DSF-175, DSF-300, DSLB-450,DSLB-650, DSLB-800, SSLB-390
Compatible with: DSF-175, DSF-300, DSLB-450, DSLB-650, DSLB-800, SSLB-390

We've made ordering frame and fabric so easy!  Our single sided backlit aluminum frames are high quality and work beautifully with our silicone edge graphics. And more importantly are Made in the USA. These Wall Mount frames can be any size, but the most popular sizes are:

  • 36"x36"
  • 36"x48"
  • 48"x60

If you need double sided, monument free standing, or a more custom framing system you can order Here

  • SEGW-118 3.9" single sided baclkit profile aluminum frame, made in USA
  • LED perimeter lighting w/ 24v power supply
  • Premium Backlit fabric
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