Begin your order:

  • 1 - place an order using our online system.
  • 2 - place an order by calling your sales representative.

Place your order:

  • 3 - once placed your order will be sent into production.
  • 4 - during production, your order will get your requested finishing options.

Quality Inspection:

  • 5 - our Quality Control Expert will double check your order for accuracy.

Start of shipping:

  • 6 - local delivery. If you are within our designated delivery range our driver will contact you with package arrival.
  • 7 - local customer pick up. If you are a local customer you can opt to pick up your order directly from our facility.
  • 8 - local installation. If you are withing our designated delivery range, our installation team can install your ordered product.
  • 9 - shipping through UPS.
  • 10 - shipping through FedEx.