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The History of Design To Print

Design To Print has been serving the advertising community since the summer of 1995. That's when founder and owner Josh Bevans decided that there was no reason why a world-class printing company couldn't operate out of the middle of the Utah desert. With little more than a dream and a solid knowledge of design, Josh set out to build exactly that. Over a decade later, Design To Print has become an industry leader, servicing the entire country.

Design To Print has worked on projects from Belgium to New York, and everywhere in between. We've racked up dozens of honors and industry awards, both for our stellar products and Josh's business acumen. What started as one man's personal dream has expanded into something that perhaps even Josh couldn't have imagined all those years ago- a truly global power house, servicing the needs of casinos and churches, international conglomerates and local business men, and much more.

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